“Childlink Learning Center is committed to achieve excellence in education and positive values to develop proactive learners empowered for lifelong learning in the new context of holistic education.”

Childlink Learning Center – Committed to Excellence
  • Upgraded Academic Curriculum
  • Work Based learning by integrating relevant high school studies needed to meet the needs of the students in the higher level of education
  • Students actively engaged
  • Involvement of students and their parents to develop positive relationships
  • Professional Development Activities for all school personnel
  • Strengthening Linkages with the Community
  • Culture of continuous improvement
What We Want
  • High level learning for all students
  • A safe, attractive, and positive environment
  • A culture of hard work and opportunity
  • A school that functions as a learning environment for the faculty and a center for learning within the larger community
What We Believe
  • Human beings are learning organisms
  • The Success in all endeavors is the result of hard work and natural endowment
  • Success breeds success
  • Adults influence Confidence
  • The school cultivates a culture of respect
  • The school is responsive to the needs of the students, the family and the community
  • A sense of democracy is important in decision making
  • All work done by everyone has value and dignity
What We Are Practicing
  • Research, Planning and Implementation on the Theories of Learning and Teaching, Motivation, Leadership, School Organization and Family Involvement