Cebu Summer Class at Childlink Learning Center!

A little girl performing “Pearly Shells” during the Summer Class 2019 culminating activity

The holidays are long over and summer is just around the corner! If you’re one of the parents who don’t like the thought of your child or children just staying at home for two months then you might be a little bit more alarmed to know that they can really begin to forget lessons they’ve learned and proficiency in skills they’ve built over the past year. This is a real phenomenon called the “summer slide” and it’s been reported and observed in various scientific studies.

Thankfully, there is a way to prevent your child from going through the dreaded summer slide and that’s to give them opportunities to continuously engage in educational activities over the summer.

Summer class is also a great opportunity to give children a chance at a new, more relaxed environment. This kind of environment can be optimal for learning especially for those who struggle and find it hard to relax during the regular school year. The different approach that summer classes have for learning can not only improve their knowledge on certain topics but also give them the needed boost in confidence and positive attitude toward school in general — things they will need to help them get ahead!

Childlink continues to offer its Academic Advancement Program this summer which is a comprehensive 4-week study program that will help Elementary and High School students develop proficiency in their area of choice. For our little ones, we also have a Reading Readiness Program to build their literacy (a skill that defines future success!).

Some kids will probably greatly resist you at the mere mention of summer class though, and that’s understandable! Young ones like to treat summer as their time to reflect and refuel after a grueling school year and this is an important time for them, but that doesn’t mean they should be unproductive! You can also help your child hone their creative interests and enroll them in our Music and Arts summer program!

So what are you waiting for? Childlink Learning Center is now accepting enrollees for all Summer Classes in the 2020 Program. Classes start on May 11, 2020. Reserve your slot now while they’re still available!

See our full list of Classes offered below: