Goals and Objectives of the Institution

In order to develop the holistic learner, Childlink Learning Center has the following goals and objectives:

1. Establish an optimal learning environment to promote the development of the learner physically, affectively, socially, spiritually, and cognitively.

2. Guide the learner in developing a positive concept of self in relation to his environment.

3. Develop and intensify the basic knowledge, values, attitudes, skills and potentials needed to meet the challenge of a fast growing society.

a. To develop reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills which are essential for the student to communicate in any environment. The multiple pathways of earning through a variety of communicative and visual arts which includes the use of technology create opportunities for personal fulfillment and success.

b. To develop the scientific process skills that involves the logical reasoning components and technical methods to satisfy curiosity about the natural world, to enhance science literacy, to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, to enhance questioning activities, to stimulate mental discipline, and disseminate knowledge.

c. To develop the ability to solve a variety of mathematics problems as a means to develop confident learners. The mathematical and reasoning skills taught will help the learners become confident in their own ability and will learn to value mathematics as part of everyday living.

d. To analyze the multiple roles that individuals perform in families, in the school, in the workplace, and in communities and apply the concepts of authority, responsibility, justice, and good citizenship in a democratic society.

e. To promote the understanding of Filipino national and transactional cultures and Filipino languages.

f. To provide the students with the understanding of movement and the human body as a means to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop self-confidence and sense of self –worth.

g. To develop their potential for musical understanding and expression through exploration, experimentation, exposure and enrichment

h. To provide students with opportunities for continuous development along physical, intellectual, moral, social and spiritual aspects through proper guidance and counseling. (GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING)

i. To support people in their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they play constructive roles in society.