Maria Theresa F. Tio Managing Director

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Velez College, Cebu City. She received her Certificate of Proficieny for Pre-Elementary Education and the Master of Arts in Education with Specialization in Pre-Elementary Education at the Cebu Normal University. Upon graduation of the Masters Program, she was awarded the Best Thesis for her book entitled, Childlink Learning Center: An Academic Reengineering. She is presently pursuing the Doctoral Degree in Education with Specialization in Educational Management at the same University. She is presently a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Alexandria USA.

As a School President of Childlink Learning Center, Inc., she is challenged with the need to develop and empower a community of proactive learners and implementing the best educational practices as a means to achieve excellence in education and excellence in the workplace.

In October 7, 2008, Teacher Tess received a National Award for Creative Young Entrepreneur Award from the Junior Chamber International Philippines in Pasig City, Metro Manila. This award was given for her admirable display of creativity in the business thereby contributing to positive changes in the entrepreneurial community.

The national contest was participated in by 62 different nominees from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and she was ranked among the Top Ten Creative Young Entrepreneurs during the rigid selection.

School Administrator of the Year for 2018 Award

Because of its commendable ways in bringing education to students of Childlink Learning Center and Childlink High School, Teacher Tess was awarded as the School Administrator of the year since 2011 until 2018 by the Business Achievement and Recognition Awards.






Childlink Learning Center and Childlink High School Developing values-oriented children
As future socially responsible businessmen

The school began out of a mother’s passion to impart her knowledge to her children.
“There is so much joy in teaching your own child,” said Theresa F. Tio or Teacher Tess, as her students fondly call her.

Teacher Tess is the founder and directress of Childlink Learning Center. “I know that if I can be successful in teaching my children, then I can be successful in teaching other children,” she adds.

Although a nurse by profession, Teacher Tess always wanted to become a teacher and putting up Childlink Learning Center was a dream come true for her.

The school took on Teacher Tess’ philosophies in teaching, as she reveals: “We take the best practices of the different teaching philosophies and use that in imparting knowledge to the children.”

“Our curriculum is based on the actual needs of our children. It is created to address the needs of our community, alongside the mission and vision of the school,” Teacher Tess adds.

“What makes a Linker standout is the Linker’s ability to be responsive of the needs of the community, and to apply that which they have learned in school in their daily interactions,” she said.

The emphasis that Childlink Learning Center gives on the values development of the students has helped the children discover their role in society. By encouraging students and their parents to become pro-active in helping the community, Childlink Learning Center has inculcated into the minds of the child the importance of linking with the community.

The inculcation of positive values has become a philosophy for the school, and as Teacher Tess would put it, “Childlink’s world is to link the student to become a more productive member of his family, the school and the community.”

Childlink Learning Center is one of the few schools who subscribe to the UNESCO and UNICEF-endorsed Living Values: An Educational Program (LVEP). The program was developed by international educator Diane Tillman in consultation with the education Cluster of UNICEF. Childlink Learning Center has linked the program with the school’s “Values in Entrepreneurship Course,” as one of the thrust of the school is to develop future entrepreneurs of their students. Teacher Tess reveals that this curriculum is taught not just to students in the higher levels but even those in pre-school.

“As early as now we want the students to realized that business is not just about making money, but that it also has a social aspect,” Teacher Tess emphasized.

Since the school started operations in June 1997, Childlink Learning Center has grown tremendously.

Teacher Tess Believes that by making values the center in the development of Childlink Learning Center’s curriculum they are making their students more equipped to deal with the challenges of college and eventually that in the business and corporate world. This is the edge that Childlink Learning Center gives to their students