by: Jamela Aranduque, Grade 10 student

The webinar was full of insightful ideas and among them, the career section caught my interest. As a student, some of the toughest decisions we will make in high school and college is “what am I going to do after college, what field of study is best?, is this field in demand?,are my skills in demand, and   will there be enough jobs when I graduate?”. These are all important questions. Therefore, it is crucial to research and know our career options before graduating.

The career portion of the webinar discussed about the skills and values employers look for, sustainable careers in the future, and how students can prepare for their career choice. There were plenty of sustainable careers that were mentioned, but what interests me was the Registered Nurse career. Although the job that I want to attain in the future is a pediatrician, being a registered nurse can be an option. I love helping peopleso they feel better so this career choice is a good career option for me to take in consideration.

            What I particularly remembered from how students can prepare for their career choice is to not procrastinate, to stay up-to-date, to expand my knowledge, and to pay more attention to my Math and Science classes. I do struggle to keep motivated when it comes to working on my school activities, so I tend to procrastinate a lot  and end up cramming.  I do want to change this habit of mine as I see it as a barrier for me to improve myself academically and mentally. I also want to expand my knowledge on various subjects and topics so I will have a general understanding which I can use in the future. I will also try my best to pay attention to my classes and to stay up-to-date with the current issues  and to learn and retain these as much as I can.

            This webinar has really opened up my eyes to what is currently important to me and that is to choose a strand to take to lead me to a sustainable career choice. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn and receive advice on the steps that I need to take from here and then on and the changes that I must do in order to achieve my goals.

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