Do we control technology or does technology control us?

by: Eugenie Villamor, Grade 9 student

Technology is a part of our lifestyle. It is entangled with the simplicities and complexities of our life; the entertainment we indulge in, the machines we use and the information we seek. Technology is one of the most prevalent assets of our life; we want it, we need it, we long for it. Much like everything, it is a double-edged sword. Indeed, it is used to innovate and inform, however, it can be the latter. Technology is a legal drug; we are addicted to it because it does everything we do but better. We talk so much about freedom or “democracy” as we call it, yet we feed it with our entire private assets. Technology knows you from head-to-toe; it can even predict our actions. It creates an algorithm for you to invest more time with technology. It deals with our infinite boredom as it effortlessly hands you content that makes you stare at a blue screen for hours on end, like a moth to a flame. Technology has successfully created this illusion that “we need them,” especially with our intimate needs such as  love and esteem. Technology breaks down people to superficiality, solely relying of mere strangers.  Technology illustrates a capitalized yet romanticized version of ourselves that lead to our self-destruction. Much like everything leaves everything in moderation. Limit your time with technology and do the things that spark true passion and love. Yet, as I write this essay, I find myself tempted to type and print on my computer or a simple rectangular block I can’t live without. I wonder, “Do we control technology or does technology control us?”

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