Childlink offers After School Tutorial, SPED classes for mainstream preparation


With online classes still being implemented in the incoming school year 2021-2022, some students would need tutorial to help them in the subjects they find difficult.


In fact, since last year, the demand for part-time tutors have grown considerably as many parents needed them to help their children learn subjects, especially Science and Mathematics.


This is where Childlink Learning Center and Highschool Inc. comes in by providing quality After School Tutorial for learners, said Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio.


Childlink teachers will be providing online tutorial services starting at 4:30 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday, Ms. Tio explained. This hour-long, daily service is also available for non-Childlink students.


The subjects would depend on the learners’ requirements, which will be discussed with parents, she said.


There will be limited slots available for Childlink’s tutorial services, which will start on September 20.


Meanwhile, Childlink will also be offering another product – the Special Education (SPED) classes.


According to Ms. Tio, the SPED classes will specifically be for enrichment or mainstream preparation. This means that learners will be prepared to transition to mainstream classes.


However, Childlink will require that a parent or a guardian to be present during the hour-long SPED class.


The learners will be formed into groups of five students, depending on their learning capability. One group will comprise of learners aged three to five. Another group will be those from grades one to three and the third group will be composed of learners from grades four to six.


Childlink has created its own modules for the SPED classes. The subjects will include English, Mathematics, Science, Civics and Filipino.


Also, as part of the school’s 25thanniversary celebration, Childlink will continue its outreach programs so they could focus on good citizenship.


Since the school will mark September as a Family month, the emphasis will be on how families help each other and how parents could raise and teach their children good values. “Everything starts at home,” Ms. Tio stressed.

The school will coordinate with the Rise Foundation for their outreach programs.

“We will have outreach programs with the Rise Foundation Inc. whose mission is helping underprivileged children. What we’re doing this month is we’re asking our parents and families to donate clothes and toys that they no longer use,” Ms Tio said.


She added that they will launch this project in the second week of August until September to gather these donations. The Rise Foundation will be the one to identify the beneficiaries here in Cebu City.


Since November 2000, the Rise Foundation have been working as volunteers in Cebu City for programs that help improve the quality of life for the underprivileged.


These include providing of educational opportunities, livelihood training and health and hygiene programs.


Because of the programs that Rise Foundation is doing for the community, Childlink is encouraging the families to support the programs of the foundation  so that the school community can contribute to helping other people.

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