The Piano by: Ken Fukuda, Grade 6

There was once a boy who really loves music. He would go to the church every single day to see the pastor play the piano. He was really in love with the piano and wishes to learn how to play it. One day, the church pastor was looking for kids who have a great interest in music for an upcoming event. The churchgoers would love to see the children perform different musical instruments during this event.  This encouraged the boy to tell the pastor that he was interested to perform during the event.

The boy started to learn playing the piano. After a couple of practices, he found out that the piano is difficult to play. There were many keys and he didnot have any idea about chords. So, he asks the pastor to teach him how to play the piano. Days passed but he still cannot play his piece well. He almost gave up, but the pastor told him“ You must not give up because even Jesus didnot give up on us for the sins we committed.“ With this encouragement from the pastor, the boydiligently practiced at home. After many days of practice, he learns to play the piano very well. On the day of the presentation, the pastor and all the people in the church were very impressed with the boy’s performance.  The performance earned him a standing ovation from the audience.

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