Communicating Beyond the Syntax of Language By: Samantha Gomez, Grade 10

On January 23, 2021, Childlink Learning Center had a webinar called “Communicating Beyond the Syntax of Language: Thriving in the Midst of the Pandemic” with Dr. Henry Tenedero as the speaker. This seminar was attended by the parents, High school students, and the faculty.  During the seminar, Dr. Henry spoke about the meaning of communication. He stated that communication is the key to creating inspirational, motivational, uplifting, and engaging positive environments. It also brings out better understanding in each individual.As the speaker said, “Do not assume that what you say is completely understood right away. Communication breaks down because we look at it as we are, not as what it is and that is why we should always ask, ask, and ask,” he said. Communication goes beyond just talking. A person can talk as much as they want, but if others cannot understand, then there is no communication.

As a student and as child, I have realized that it takes time to communicate properly with others. Therefore, I have to be patient, understanding, and open-minded. Since I communicate with different people who do things differently, I must do my best to adjust and understand their methods and try different things in order for them to understand my point of view and for me to understand their point of view. If I ever come across someone who I try to explain things to but they don’t understand, then it just means that I have to try a different approach. I now know that communication can’t be rushed. It has to be carefully considered and thought of as words are powerful, what you say can’t be erased.

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