Childlink Goes Broadway: SpongeBob Movie Watching By Andrea Eloise Rentuza, Grade 10

One of Childlink’s enduring qualities exists in the bond it fosterswith its Linkers. From webinars to virtual presentations, the school’s connection to its members remains persistent even in the face of arising hindrances.

A recent and most remarkable endeavorhad been hosted last January 20: Childlink, in partnership with Guang Ming Institute, had hosted its first-ever virtual movie watching—SpongeBob SquarePants:  The Broadway Musical.

The beloved and iconic characters of Bikini Bottom—SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and many more—have made their appearance as they struggle to prevent the eruption of Mt. Humongous,which threatens to destroy all they hold dear.

The story was originally written as a book by Kyle Jarrow, and brought to the stage by off-Broadway director Tina Landau;the musical had received a Tony award last 2018 for best scenic design.

It is a musical that has made the original cartoon characters appear human, without over-the-top makeup or masks, relying instead on creative resemblances with hairstyles and eccentric outfits.Moreover, it lightly treads on mature political themes such as abuse of power, racism, and even fear of science.

Overall, the uniqueness and charm of the show prevails with its lessons of positivity, bravery, perseverance, and friendship—qualities that are familiar even in the original cartoon.

In addition to this, we cannot help but see how parallel we find ourselves in the pandemic to the situation of the characters in the musical. They too are facing a problem concerning the livelihood and safety of their community.

It would be an opportune moment to quote SpongeBob’s line in the song, “Best Day Ever,”with the additional lyrics by Jonathan Coulton and Tom Kitt:

We’ve done all we could do

And whatever happens next

I’m glad I’m here with you


It is a stark reminder of making the most of what we have to deal with. Most importantly, the presence of our beloved families and Childlink community must serve as our long-standing motivation to handle our difficulties with no less vigor and enthusiasm with each passing day.

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