Let’s Build a New World by Alexander Lacson

Something’s destroying our world
And ‘tis fed by reasons manifold – –
Greed, lust for power, vanity and fear
All causing a global social cancer.

They’re evil and fuel each other
Yes, this greed, lust for power, vanity and fear
Add extreme patriotism and religious fanaticism
And ours is a world divided with deeper chasm.

But this world is not only for the few
Not only for the moneyed, nor for the mighty crew
‘Tis also for the ordinary, for me and you
That’s God’s desire, and I believe it to be true.

We’re all an integral, essential part of the whole
We’re all part of the world’s human puzzle
The world’s not complete without you and me
All of us, we’re meant to be here and to be free.

Thus, we all have equal right and claim
To all nature’s blessings and beauty stream
To all life’s essentials including prosperity
that come and evolve from the universe’s bounty.

We’re all an equal part of one human family
Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, the spirit-free
And all those who believe otherwise in good
Brethren we all are, in need of love and a hood.

So share kindness and love
Spread the sunshine above
Let’s open and grow our hearts
And live as one family of many parts. 

For those who have but a few years in sight
T’is not too late to pursue the light
Though older, we’ve yet much to offer
Though weaker, we yet can see much better.

Come my friends, let’s heed the light
T’is not too late to dream of a world that’s right
With a single purpose at heart and in mind
We can yet build a better world for all humankind.


A business for the common good
A politics of love and brethrenhood
A society with a soul
A peaceful world for one and all.

We’re all architects of the future
We’re all builders of humanity’s lore
Our children’s future’s too important I stress
To be left alone to those in politics and business.

Come brethren, from far and near
You and I, we can do this together
Along with the fiery hearts of a billion other
Let’s build this new world for one another! 

Alex Lacson
In “Five Hundred Years Without Love”
July 2020



I really like the poem and its message. People do need to work together to make a better world. We can’t do it by ourselves. The thing that is destroying the world is us. It’s a harsh but true sentence. We are the ones who caused the problems that we face now. Power, money, lust, and other feelings/desires are what’s pushing others to trample one another for a position that they deem important. They don’t care who will suffer, all they care about are themselves and what they can gain in the end.

I agree that we are all essential in this world so, we must share and distribute what is being given to us equally and fairly. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, smart or dumb, or beautiful or ugly. What matters is who you are, and you are a person. Someone who has feelings, rights, relevance, and power to change the world.

It’s never too late to do the right thing. No matter how young or old you are, you can still make a difference and learn/share something new. We are the puzzle pieces that form what the world is today, tomorrow, and always.

That is the message that I have seen in the poem and it made me realize how important unity is. The world is not only something that our God has created, but also something that is being shaped by our

  • Samantha Gomez, Grade 10

First and foremost, I highly appreciate the overall message of the poem. With everything that’s been happening lately, reading that poem gives us something to think about—change begins with us. We, the people who started this chaos, can be the ones to bring all this mayhem to an end, that is, if we choose to. Truly, this poem is relevant not only for today’s society and generation, but rather, for times long past and times yet to come.

As for the structure of the poem itself, I can see that the writer is using an AABB CCDD EEFF (and so on) rhyme scheme. There are only a few imagery devices utilized; I can also see a few metaphors present here and there. The writer’s tone gives me a sense of straightforwardness—what you read is what you get—though I do not mean this in a negative light! Rather, I believe his style of writing is able to get his point across quite evenly without need for debate regarding some hidden meaning. It’s not heavily obscured to the point where one’s interpretation of it could differ from another’s.

Normally, I like reading poems that leave me wondering or questioning about its shrouded connotations; but I believe that “Let’s Build a New World” is written the way it is because it caters to all people. In fact, its straightforwardness is what makes it so easy for people to understand the author’s theme—almost like a wake-up call, so to speak.

In conclusion, I enjoyed reading this poem, no doubt about that. I believe it to be very insightful and relevant, and I highly recommend it for everyone to read. It touches on topics so many of us choose to turn a blind eye to, with the excuse that any effort we make would still not be enough. Read this poem, and it shall remind you that you are capable of bringing a change and making a difference. The first step is yours to take.

  • Andrea Eloise Rentuza, Grade 10

Alex Lacson begins his poem by addressing what he calls “a global social cancer” that is caused by people’s “greed, lust for power, vanity, and fear.” In my opinion, when he said this, I realized that almost every human being has had these vices or has thought of these thoughts. I realized that these emotions come so easily in our heads. He says that these negative emotions are evil and fuel each other. I reflected on those times that I felt these emotions, and I understood what he meant. When I thought only of myself, felt jealous, wanted to take over the task for myself, or focused so much on flaws–it felt terrible.

I thought to myself that every human feels this. That is why when he says “We are all an equal part of  one human family”, it really made sense to me that if we all cause this problem, we all can fix this problem together. He said something about how there are so many things that divide us. There are political views, business wars, religion, and social classes. And yet, because we are human there are things that make us all similar, and that is our need for love and a need for a hood(home).

Truthfully, I believe that anyone who reads this poem believes he is right when he tells everyone to spread kindness and love to one another. He addresses the young and old, the rich the poor, the weak and the strong in this poem. It is a poem that can reach anyone’s heart no matter who they are or whatever power they have, because as he has said: “We’re all architects of the future.” So we should really build a world that we want to live in. Not just for ourselves, but for the future generation.

Speaking as a person who imagines a future world for my (imaginary) future children, I would want them to live in a world where they could play with anyone in any place without the fear of getting hurt, taken away, or being in any form of danger. Easily, I can agree with him when he talked about the future of children and how we should never leave it to politics and businesses alone to help us achieve the world we want. We should all achieve this goal together as one team.

Overall, after reading this poem, I feel as if I came out of a meeting. In the meeting, they stated a problem. They stated a solution that was possible. They told us the benefits. And now I feel as though I should go about my days working towards this solution along with everyone else. And to be very clear, if I feel this way, it means that it was a very influential meeting that will stick with me.

  • Jhirlymarie Tio, Grade 10

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