The Other Side of Family



Family day is a day to spend time with your family, a day to have fun and bond with them. This isn’t going to be some cliché article about family. This time, I want to talk more about the other side of “family” – the imperfect and, at times, ugly side. You see, not everyone was raised in families that could openly show love and affection to them as children, not everyone grew up in “perfect homes” with Mom and Dad around all the time. So, to all of you who aren’t excited by the thought of spending a day with family, this one is for you.

Broken families, abusive homes, and neglectful parents that are never there when you need them, it’s hard for some of us to imagine but for others, it’s their harsh reality. Children of these sad homes are bound to feel dejected at times and may not see family day as something worth celebrating. The point of this article, though, is to remind all those children, all of you out there, that Family Day isn’t just for celebrating with your biological family. It’s also a time to spend with your Childlink Family, your friends who give you the motivation to go to school and be better every day.

So, if you ever feel lonely or unloved in your own home, come out and talk to friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find another family of your own!


Written By: Victoria Louise B. McGuinness

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