Last September 29, Childlink celebrated their Annual Family Day at SM Seaside Cebu City with the theme “Linkers: Champions of Character, Competence, and Compassion”. Every year, Childlink pinpoints 4 values that Linkers should possess. This year’s values then became incorporated into 4 different groups: Sporty, Creative, Empathetic and Intellectual.

The day kicked off with a Zumba exercise and the parade of teams which was then followed by a Character Portrayal competition. Then followed our tradition of doing the annual team cheering competition and dance competition, without which Family Day would not be complete. Fun-filled games were also in store — parents and students alike were tested for their knowledge of different hit songs from various generations. Indeed, it was a sight to behold to see all the families come together, laughing, singing, and simply having a great time with one another. The day ended with the most anticipated game of them all: bowling. It was very heartwarming to look at parents coach their children better techniques or how friends cheer for one another. The atmosphere, although competitive, had a light, easy-going vibe—the kind that we have only when we are around our family and friends.

Some Linkers and their parents getting competitive during one of our games

Family Day reminds us of the essence of sportsmanship and teamwork, but most of all, the value of family. It gives us all a chance to reflect: Have we been spending enough time together lately? How often do we have moments like these? Have we taken for granted the moments we share?

These moments, although swift and fleeting, happen only once and rarely even twice. Family Day reminds us to value each and every moment spent with our families. Despite the many things we do, we must always find time for ourselves and those whom we love.


Written by: Andrea Rentuza

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