Childlink Conducts Scouting Investiture Ceremony

Last August 23, 2019, Childlink held scouting investiture ceremonies for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. According to Teacher Floramae Yamido, the teacher coordinator for Senior Girl Scouts, “[The] Scouting Investiture is [done] for investing new recruits,” referring to new students and those scouts who were advancing to the next program rank – for example, Star Scouts becoming Junior Girl Scouts or Junior Boy Scouts becoming Senior Boy Scouts. “For the rest […], they will have a rededication ceremony.” Continued Teacher Floramae.

During the event last August, KAB Scouts, Star Scouts, Junior Girl Scouts, Junior Boy Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts, and Senior Boy Scouts from the Grades 1, 4, and 7, along with new students were inaugurated into the scouting movement.

Scouting is important in instilling the spirit of volunteerism and love for public service among young children in the country. It is good training for young boys and girls to become future leaders by helping them build camaraderie and rapport with other children their age, teaching them life skills, and making them become more confident in themselves and in what they can contribute to society.

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