Celebrating PEACE with the World

Did you know that the International Peace Day is one of the yearly celebrations Childlink has observed since its early years in 1997? And now, many years later, Linkers still carry on the tradition to continuously renew our commitment to seeking peace in the community.

This year, the theme for the International Day of Peace by the United Nations was “Climate Action for Peace” as climate change has been proven to directly impact international peace and security. The theme by the UN, in a way, aligns with Childlink’s own theme for the school year – “Linkers: Champions of Character, Competence, and Compassion.” When we truly are champions of character, we would choose to do and initiate good acts in our communities; as champions of competence, we would have the ability to carry out our duties to the community excellently and make our own change for the environment; and as champions of compassion, we would choose to do what we can prevent the effects of climate change from spreading too far and to always lend a helping hand all those troubled by the effects of climate change.

Apart from our intimate celebration in school, Childlink was also able to celebrate the International Day of Peace at the SM Seaside City Cebu together with other schools in Cebu. It was a grand and impactful event with performances from our beloved rondalla, choir, and high school French class along with performances from other schools. The entire experience allowed us to once again reflect on our role as young students of the world.

Some may wonder, what is the point of celebrating Peace Day? Will it even make a difference? To which, we Linkers would answer: with all the violence and problems we face in society, this is all the more reason to continue celebrating it because it’s just one of the ways we can continue to devote ourselves to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people from different places. In the words of our principal, Maria Theresa Tio, “Each one of you can make ripples, and these ripples will eventually become waves.”


Written by: Russelle Sampang

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