MOLDING LEADERS: Leadership Training 2019

Student leaders pose in a group photo after a fruitful leadership training seminar

On July 26, 2019, Childlink Learning Center held its annual overnight Leadership Training in line with its continuous aim to build their students’ leadership skills. Class officers from Grades 5 to 11 were to attend as this training was geared towards helping them succeed in carrying out their responsibilities as leaders.

The facilitators, Teachers Vienna Navarez, Jeverlyn Mangkikis, Cecille Estrelloso, and Lealine Hermosilla were tasked with preparing enjoyable but challenging games that would teach the young students leadership lessons like how to cooperate better in a group, how to value communication, and how to use their creativity to solve a problem or contribute to an effort.

While sharing their thoughts on the leadership training, some students were able to share the difficulties of being a leader, how sometimes inspiring members to work and do their best is difficult and pressuring, it can be to handle so much responsibility, but in the end, the group was able to encourage one another. One of the facilitators, Teacher Jeverlyn, also gave advice to the leaders, telling them that to be a good leader starts in the mind, if you develop the character and mindset of a leader, you will succeed. The event then concluded with all the Linkers in attendance giving their commitment as leaders in the school.


Written by: Eugenie Villamor

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