This is a fictional story by Jessemarie Lloyd F. Tio on “How Family Day Came to Be” It was made in honor of the annual Family Day celebration.

Once upon a time, in the old biblical times, there lived a boy named Arthur and a girl name Remia. They both lived in a small town called Arkta. They both grew up knowing each other and were friends since they were born. One day, when they were grown up, Arthur realized he’d fallen in love with Remia and Remia felt the same way. They got married and had two children, a daughter named Mara and a song named Ark.

Arthur and Remia and their children Mara and Ark lived in a very happy home but they were always so busy. One day, they decided to create a yearly celebration called the “Happy Family Day”, a day where they would only spend time with one another. From then on, more and more families heard about the celebration and decided to join in.

Childlink carries on the celebration of Happiness and Love. We celebrate Family Day because we believe it brings families closer to each other and because Family, Happiness, and Love are things that can’t be bought by money but by being one with each other.

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