Leadership Training: What is it?

A few Linkers taking on a challenge given to them

Leadership training is an annual event that happens in the early weeks of school. The main focus of this activity is to develop the leadership skills of our student council officers, classroom officers, and Z Club officers who will lead and guide their fellow students for the rest of the school year.

Being a School of Character, Childlink isn’t necessarily focused on bringing up students with the “Perfect Character”, rather, the school is most concerned about making sure every Linker realizes their leadership potential because good character comes with obedience and good leadership – this is what the Leadership Training is for.

So what is Leadership Training? This is an annual training workshop, seminar, and team building activity that is intended for students to develop their leadership skills and to help them build a leadership mindset. It is an overnight activity attended by student officers from Grades 5 and above, although, in past years, non-officers have also been welcome to join. It is the goal of the activity that students end the overnight training with an understanding of true leadership, the essence of being a leader, and how to become a good leader.

This year’s leadership training involved games and other activities to build teamwork because, as the sayings go, a true leader is a good follower as well. One of the best lessons the participants learned about leadership is that it isn’t about leading the team by planning and doing everything; It’s about guiding the team and enjoying the process of getting to your goal together.

Although Leadership Training is held annually, it still feels special and different every year. Not only because our activities are different every year, but also because we get to experience it with new people every time. Our favorite moments really come in the times we get to listen to and share about one another’s different opinions and personal experiences. In just a span of one night, everyone felt closer to one another, regardless of their year level; and, despite the challenges given by our teacher facilitators, we students enjoyed every moment. It really was a night of learning, of happiness, of building new friendships, and of developing leaders,

“We’re all pieces of this really big puzzle. Just be the piece you are so you’re doing the part to complete the picture.”


Written by: Victoria Louise B. McGuinness

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