Childlink Z Club visits school in Singapore

Last October 29, 2019, a few members of our Childlink Z Club flew to Singapore to visit the Singapore Institute of Management, also locally known as SIM Global. The Linkers were accompanied by our school director, Maria Theresa Tio, as well as some family members. Once there, they were welcomed by Ms. Joys Lin Shiting who introduced the group to two of their international students who were from the Philippines.

The Linkers were able to learn a little bit about the culture and history of Singapore and were then given a tour around the SIM campus.

The Linkers enjoying the ambiance in the Mental Wellness Center

“We were especially amazed by their Mental Wellness Center!” said Andrea Rentuza, the Vice President of the Childlink Z Club, referring to the lounge used by students when they needed to get away from schoolwork. Jhirlymarie Tio, the Z Club President, also said”There were bean bags, comfortable chairs, books, and board games that students could use to de-stress. There was even a freedom wall where people could write encouraging messages. We’re planning to implement something similar as a project when we return to Cebu. ”

After the campus tour, the Linkers were able to introduce themselves to some students of the university’s Psychology Society and then proceeded to have a round-table discussion and swapping of ideas.

Some Linkers swapping ideas with two of the students from SIM Global Education’s Psychology Society

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