4 Reasons Why Creativity Is An Essential Life Skill For Your Child

Whether you personally believe it or not, we are all creative by nature. Every last one of us. Especially your children!

The problem is that creative thinking is something that’s not usually emphasized or developed enough in the later years of school. It’s encouraged in preschool and the early years of elementary, but in most learning institutions, it slowly fades away as students are taught to follow instructions instead.

The Robotics Class is one of the ways Childlink develops creativity in students.

The irony here is that creative thinking is one of the most important skills that your child will ever develop in their life and it’s one of the only things that humans will ever have a monopoly on. No animal or supercomputer can compare to the human capability of creative thinking.

At Childlink, we believe that creative thinking is important, and we make sure that each of our students are encouraged to become creative thinkers.

Reason 1: Creative Thinking Leads to Problem-Solving

The byproducts of creative thinking makes it such an important skill. Creative thinking helps in ALL areas of your child’s life. Creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand when thinking critically.

The goal of creative, critical thinking is to solve problems. Individuals who are caught in situations and lack creative talents to resolve the situation can become frustrated and dissatisfied because they lack control over their environment. So, nurturing creative thinking also promotes mental and physical health for your children.

The students become more technically creative and continually improve their Lego-building skills and logical reasoning.

Next generation schools must nurture the creative thinking skills of all students. Whether students go on to become engineers or secretaries, machinists or accountants, doctors or nurses, computer technicians or software designers – each will need to use their creative thinking to solve problems.

Automation is taking over office and manufacturing processes, and that leaves problem-solving as the remaining jobs for the next generation of citizens. Following an algorithm can be programmed into automation; problem-solving cannot be formulated and programmed.

Reason 2: One of the Most Important Cross Marketable Skills

Creativity will ALWAYS be in demand, regardless of what industry. It’s cross marketable and if your child develops their creative thinking skills to a point where they can draw upon it at any time, it’s one of those things that will give them the edge that really separates them from other people.

The students also learn about the frustrations and joys of working with hardware and software integration, the inevitability of noise and errors when dealing with real-world sensors and motors.

Anybody can execute a given set of procedures with training, but it takes creative thinking to generate what that procedure should be in the first place.

Because of that, creative thinking allows your child to quickly get to the top of their future field because instead of following instructions, they initiate and create it.

At Childlink, we teach our students to implement their ideas, and as they do, they start to absorb knowledge and experiences that will help them further down the road. Our students start separating themselves from other people and this opens a whole new set of opportunities for them.

Reason 3: The Door That Opens Opportunity

Creative thinking is the key that opens doors to a whole new realm of opportunities. Look at what the Internet did. The airplane. The automobile. The opportunities that resulted from these creative endeavors are countless. Everywhere you look, you see the end result of man’s creative thinking at work.

trash shredder
The Trash Shredder by Jia Tio (Grade 6), Mikhail Sambaan (Grade 6), and Chloe Co (Grade 4): Students become aware of environmental issues such as trash and use their creative minds to provide solution.

Right now, there’s a HUGE explosion of knowledge that’s never been available to the general public before in any point in human history. However, all that knowledge is “potential” energy so to speak, unless someone can wield their creative thinking to “spark” that potential knowledge by sifting through it to find the exact knowledge they need to put two and two together, and execute the ideas that result in order to fully maximize the benefits from utilizing their creative thinking.

If our children are brought up and encouraged to be creative thinkers, they can create opportunities all around us.

Reason 4: Promotes Initiative and Optimism

Creative thinking gets your child out of playing a passive role and puts them in more aggressive mode.

They start thinking, “What can I do? How can I do it? What will I need to do it?”.

A strong sense of personal responsibility and initiative gets instilled and that in turn, really makes your child feel “alive” because they feel firmly in control of their life.

Optimism builds confidence which is an important step in enabling students to participate actively in developing creative technology.

With that newfound strong sense of initiative, your child becomes less of a pessimist and more of an optimist because even if a problem represents itself, they know they have the creative faculty to figure out what the solution is. As a result, in a world where change is so constant, creative thinking becomes one of the best ways to cope with it.

Why? Because creativity itself instigates and adapts to change. Creative thinking is one of the most important ways your child can develop that initiative of doing it themselves.

Take the initiative and see what path creative thinking leads your child on.


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