The Benefits of Tutorials
by: Mon Nerval

Recently, the Department of Education implemented the K to 12 curriculum, adding three more years to students’ basic education. The new curriculum now requires students to have one year of kindergarten, six years of elementary schooling (Grades 1 to 6), four years of junior high school (Grades 7 to 10), and two years of senior high school (Grades 11 to 12). The K to 12 program aims to provide a more globally competitive and holistic education to students. However, this may also mean a heavier study load as students experience the shift to the new system. To help children in the transition, parents may consider the services offered by tutorial centers.

Tutorials offer a myriad of advantages when it comes to improving learning skills and boosting grades. Whether a student needs academic support or extra challenge in the form of advanced lessons, tutorial sessions are the answer. Here are the specific benefits that students may get from tutorial sessions:

An edge over tests and lessons
  1. An edge over tests and lessons: Tutorials can help students improve their scores on tests and boost their academic performance in class. Tutors meet with students weekly or even daily to review homework and prepare for school tests, class projects, and college admission tests as needed. They also teach students organization skills which may be applied to future educational activities. Tutors can also go over advanced lessons with students. This can make a difference between a student having an average score and the highest score on tests and class standing.
Improved self-image

2. Improved self-image: Tutorials can be particularly helpful if a child is shy in class or uncomfortable around his peers. With regular interaction in group tutorials, the shy child will become more confident as he experiences improvement in his academic performance. As his self-esteem grows, he develops a better self-image. This can also lead to willingness in learning new material and tackling more challenging tasks.

Focused attention

3. Focused attention: This is the huge advantage of tutorials. Students are less likely to be distracted when studying with a tutor. They can focus without interruption on the task before them. Tutorials can also make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Since there are only a few students in one session, tutors can effectively identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. They will reinforce students’ strengths and give assistance in weak subject areas. A tutor can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher and attend to each of the students’ academic needs.

“Tutorials provide services that guide and aid students in their learning.”

The need for a good education has come to the forefront once again thanks to the newly implemented K to 12 curriculum. To help students and parents, tutorials provide services that guide and aid students in their learning. Because of the benefits of tutorials, students can now meet and even exceed academic expectations.

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