“We Can Be Inventors!” By: Shaun Cuesta, Grade 10

During the primordial times, everything was a possibility by the young minds, the young minds being the primitive minds of the homo habilis of our past. So what is stopping us now? Many of our civilized lives have sent our evolutionary advantage (our minds) down the highway because we are always so focused on just being able to reach the goal and not actually going beyond it. We live our sedentary lives going about thinking about the philosophies of our world (if you say no, then you are a liar) at least once, but never actually tried to place our thinking into perspective. How do you expect to grow if you hold yourself back?
Science takes shape in many forms. It can be how an atom is torn apart due to an induced fission reaction to why the sky is blue. Anyone can be an inventor, be it for something practical or for something that is just for fun. You see, inventing is not limited. It can be anything you can imagine it to be, maybe a new dance move that no one has seen before or a new style of cooking that no one has heard of.
The school celebrated the Science Week last November with the theme on Saving our Environment. There were contests done among the different grade levels from the Preschool to the High School that focused on the theme. For the High School, it was a contest on inventions. It was a challenge to be a part of this contest. To make the invention aligned to the theme, I readjusted a plethora of ideas and concepts being developed here and there because to me, the concern of how we can stop pollution is to find another way, if we were to stop the factories, power plants, and vehicles to “save” our planet. It is like jumping into a deep hole without even knowing if there is something to catch you at the bottom. I developed a concept known as the “Eco-Lab Garden.” The Eco- Lab Garden is a compact, multi-staged, climate controlled garden that is self-sufficient using solar energy, but not through solar panels but through something known as a BPV device (Bio-Photovoltaic Device). It harnesses the power of photosynthesis that not only growing the plants can benefit but also capturing the free flowing electrons that would have been wasted in the process of photosynthesis.
These rush of ideas from the Eco Lab Garden came at the last moment. Maybe with more time, a refinement of the initial ideas can be done to make the invention workable. The gathering of a plethora of ideas from the past and in the future to create the most efficient, important, and capable concept to help tackle the distress in our homes and in our environment is the greatest contribution that any inventor can do. Time, patience, perseverance, knowledge, and creativity can make any INVENTOR.
My name is Shaun Cuesta, I am a doubter, philosopher, idealist, and I am an inventor.

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