The Significance of Gender Equality By: Franz Marione Llorente, Grade 9

“Justice, welfare and liberty should not be measured by gender, but by the measure of the person’s actions, and intentions”
It is in the nature of people to tend to see the male as the more reliable people in society; they think men are more capable of doing physical work than women. A majority of the people would agree that women have to be treated well, even though there are people of both genders who are underserving of the action. Majority would say that men are independent, non-emotional, aggressive, tough-skinned, competitive, clumsy, strong, self-confident, and rebellious, while women are dependent, emotional, sensitive, quiet, innocent, and weak, even though all the traits could be said for both genders.
Countless times, people have underestimated women’s abilities on tasks that majority would feel that a man would suffice, and vice-versa. Sharing the responsibility for care within families more equally is good for women who want to work, and for men who want to play a greater role as fathers.
Children learn about gender roles from an early age – from their parents and family, their religion, and their culture, as well as the outside world, including television, magazines, and other media. As children grow, they adopt behaviors that are rewarded by appreciation thus giving them an idea that they should stay that way. They stop or hide behaviors that are ridiculed, shamed, or punished. By the age of three, children have usually learned to prefer toys and clothes that are “appropriate” to their gender. However there are exceptions, which is why the LGBT community exists. During the 3rd seminar workshop on Gender Equality last September 26, 2015, it was explained that the gays and lesbians and many other terms presently used were those people who believed that they were a different person in the inside. It is in human nature to hate what they do not find acceptable. However, these are still people who want to be treated like people and have the rights as a citizen. The young and many of us teenagers still do not understand much of the differences in gender and the issues attached to it. The seminar was therefore necessary to shed light and better understanding on the different reasons regarding the many gender differences and issues.
Gender based violence is one of the pressing gender issues which many of us students and even adults need to understand. Gender-based violence damages the health, autonomy, dignity and security of its victims, yet it remains ignored. Victims of violence can suffer sexual and reproductive health consequences, including forced and unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, HIV, and even death. The issue of gender-based violence reaches every corner of the world. The knowledge that we have gained through the seminar entitled Parental Roles in Developing Gender Opportunities in the Work Place for have opened our eyes to many things. Seminars such as this serve as an eye-opener to many and it is my belief that knowledge is one of the ways to equip us students to become better decision makers, better thinkers, and better doers.

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