2016, A Year Filled with Renewed Hopes and Wishes By: Vannesa Lu, Grade 9

The year 2015 was a year full of wonderful memories. Now, we look forward to a brand new year with new hopes and wishes. It is always a good idea to plan our new year’s resolutions and our wishes for us to have goals to work on for 2016. Here are some of the teachers’ and students’ wishes for 2016:
“Good health, good career, and a chance to study another course as a way to improve my life”- Teacher Ryan (Grade 8 Adviser)
“I want to continually grow professionally because I believe that as a teacher, I am dedicated to teach with passion and love.” – Teacher Diane (Grade 10 Adviser)
“I see 2016 as a year for continued happiness, build great memories, and have a better understanding in life because living is a foundation of all these.” – Jade Tio (Grade 9 Student)
“For this year, I want to become a better person, I hope for world peace and I would want to be an instrument of achieving world peace. This will all start with me because I felt that I have not done my best for the past year.” – Jonalynne Salbo (Grade 10 Student)
“I hope and pray for world peace because it is very important for young children to grow up in a peaceful place.” – Kenji Co (Grade 6 student)
“I hope and pray for everyone to be happy within my family and in the school because peace and happiness are two important things to achieve happiness.” – Rehsia Gadrinab (Grade 4 Student)
These were some of the amazing hopes and wishes that were gathered from these dynamic people in the school. It is with hope that with the support of everyone, we can all make that needed change. We can achieve these hopes a day at a time. From now till the next new year, we have about 360 days to work for these to happen. Every little thing can make a big difference. Let’s start now!

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