What does it take to be a Leader? By: Jademarie Lloyd Tio

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In our community today, we face many challenges, like poverty, corruption, and environmental degradation. Many children cannot afford to go to school, most cannot afford proper medication, and our environment is degrading at a faster pace. It is vital that we choose the right leaders to help us tackle the issues and put a stop to them. The decisions they make could mean that every sick child can go to the hospital, anyone can go to school, that no one would go hungry again, and the prevention of further environmental degradation.
We must choose a leader that is wise, persevering, dedicated, honest, creative, trustworthy, open-minded, and positive. The leaders we choose should have a vision in mind. A leader should be ready to serve and lay himself down for the sake of others. By choosing the right leader, we can build the road to a greater future for ourselves, for our community, and for our country.
Each one of us can be leaders if we choose to develop the abilities we have now. We can show little acts of leadership at home or at school. First, we have to show obedience. A good leader should first learn to obey and follow instructions. Next, we must show responsibility. Taking responsibility for our actions is important when becoming a leader. We have to show humility. When serving others, we must be selfless. We have to show compassion. We have to take account of what others would feel when making a decision. Lastly, we have to show integrity. We should always stand by our morals and our decisions because when being a leader, there is no room for indecisiveness. Each is called for a purpose, so let us take this challenge and be a leader.

“A great leader is not defined by his strengths and abilities but by his dedication to serve others selflessly and honestly.”

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