Erika Danielle Olan
Batch 2011-2012

Childlink has built and shaped many aspects of my character. It did not only teach me academically, but it also instilled in me good values and skills, such as the value of education, leadership, integrity, responsibility and discipline, respect, perseverance, service, creativity, hard work, being people-oriented, and the importance of staying true to who you are. Furthermore, my years of participation in the annual school plays, student council, editorial staff, music jams, choir, the dance troupe, the teenpreneur challenges, and all the other school activities has really developed my skills and built my confidence and belief in myself. Most of all, I learned the true meaning of friendship and camaraderie. Everyone was like family to me. As the saying goes, “Some things stay gold forever.” Childlink has been, and always will be, a second home, no matter what.

Fadhli Bhatkal
Batch 2011-2012

CLC taught me how to be a God fearing, respectful, and knowledgeable individual. Childlink taught me multiple skills and also instilled in me good principles that would be useful to me in the future. Childlink is not an ordinary school, in Childlink you learn the true meaning of respect and friendship. The faculty and students are one big happy family.

Reinart Justin Bacalso
Batch 2012-2013

I learned a lot of things in Childlink, considering I was there all my life until last year. I learned how to work hard in everything I do. I also learned the values of leadership, how important it is, and how to apply it correctly. But I believe the most important thing I learned, is the value of friendship and family. Childlink is a family. And because of this family, the family I have in Childlink, I learned to value the people around me more.

Caryssa Therese Versoza
Batch 2012-2013

In Childlink, I’ve learned the value of education, hardwork, perseverance, and most of all friendship. The factors of hardwork and perseverance doesn’t only make me strive to settle for good but also for the best. Childlink’s holistic environment made me bond with my family and peers more. It also made me interact with other people easily. I refer to it as my second home for it has honed most of the values I believe in.

Christopher Millan
Batch 2012-2013

Childlink molded me to become a good individual and a good citizen of this country. I also learned that even if we don’t have the same blood line we can still be one family.

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