Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

Welcome to another school year! It is with great joy to see you again and to work with you for the entire school year 2013-2014. This year marks our 16th year as an institution and has always been our tradition, every year will always bring new and exciting things to look forward to for the school year.

This school year’s theme, Linkers: Advocates of Peace and Good Citizenship is our guiding principle in putting all our efforts into our teaching and our activities in the hope that each Linker will truly be the agent of peace and be the future leader in each of their homes, community, and the country. This can be made possible with each one’s cooperation and support.

Let me share with you this short thought,

Together We Can

. . . achieve greater results
. . . break down barriers
. . . promote positive reinforcement
. . . discover the perfect solution
. . . bring excitement to everyday
. . . make an impact in the community
. . . educate one another
. . . help those in need
. . . make a difference

Through teamwork, all things are possible.

To everyone, let’s all enjoy the school year!


Teacher Tess

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